A few weeks ago we talked about how to host a book launch so by popular request, today we’ll be talking about how to arrange a blog tour. By the end of this blog post you’ll know why your book needs a blog tour, how you should arrange it, and how you make sure everyone knows about it.

What is a Blog Tour?

A blog tour is like a book tour, but you don’t sign books. The purpose of a book tour is to gain attention to the newly released book, but instead of having signing books for sale, people can just buy your book online. Blog tours usually take place shortly after a novel is released. The tour consists of many different bloggers who each feature the book/author on their blog for one. This goes on for about a week. It builds excitement for the book, you gain new readers and of course, you’ll be making some sales. I didn’t do one when I am Mercy released and I regret that decision because I know how much the blog tour helped to get sales for Essence when it first came out.

What is Covered in Each Blog?

The big thing to remember when it comes to blog tours is that each blog post needs to be different. Even though you’ll be on a different blog every day, the goal is to have people come back to the tour every day to read the blog post for that week. When you arrange your blog tour, you’ll be telling your followers to go to a different blog every day so you won’t want them reading the same thing over and over. Each blog post should be different. Here are some ideas of what you can do for blog posts:

  • review of your novel
    • give the blogger and advanced readers copy to review
  • giveaways
    • put a copy of your book up for grabs or have some other freebie that you’re giving away
  • author interview
    • work with the blogger to have them interview you
  • guest post
    • made the blogger’s job really easy and write the blog post yourself. Give writing advice and just tell everyone how you started writing

How to Find Bloggers

There’s no easy answer to how to find bloggers who are willing to feature you and work with your dates. You really just have to come up with a plan and start emailing as many bloggers as possible, knowing a lot of people won’t be responding. If a lot of people respond, great! The more the merrier! To find blogger start on social media. Find other writers or book bloggers who are friendly and willing to work with you.

What to Give Bloggers

Before you email bloggers you would have a game plan. When I did my blog tour for Essence I had a media packet that I created that included my author photo, the book cover, a link to download an ARC of Essence, a short bio, and all my social media links. I wanted to make everything as easy as possible for my bloggers because they were going out of their way to help me promote my book.

When Should I Start Planning?

Now that you know how much planning goes into a blog tour, it’s easy to say you should start planning it as soon as possible. You’ll want to give your blogger enough time to read the ARC of your novel. You’ll also need a lot of time to make sure all slots are filled so you don’t have a day without a blog post. Try to keep in touch with your bloggers so they don’t forget about you and jump at the opportunity to do them a favor.

Promoting a Blog Tour

Let’s say you have almost everything ready for your blog tour. Your bloggers have everything they need, so now it’s time to make sure your followers know you’re having a blog tour so they can check out each post. Social media is going to be your best friend because you’re going to post and tweet about this blog tour everywhere. Head to Canva.com, a website that makes graphic design easy, and create a graphic that will have all the information about your blog tour: what blogs are featured and when. I didn’t have Canva when Essence came out, but if I did I probably would have done something like this:

There’s a lot more to promote the blog tour on social media than this, but I think you get the point. Get your followers excited and welcome new followers with open arms!

Question Time! Do you have any books coming out soon? Will you be planning a blog tour? If not, what writing project are you working on right now?

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