How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend Writing?

This video is so important for a few reasons. A lot of people have been putting pressure on themselves to do more and more and be as productive as possible. As writers, this means we need to write more. But the truth is, writers don’t need to write for hours a day, or even every day. In this video we’re going raw and uncut to see just how much the writers from the Wander Writer’s Retreat actually write.

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Wander Writer’s Retreat 2018 Vlog

Last weekend I was so excited to travel to Minneapolis for the first ever Wander Writers Retreat! As you can tell from the vlog, I had a great time meeting so many amazing writers. I’m always so happy to make these lasting connections and to also see so many writers with such bright futures ahead of them. Be sure to subscribe to all the lovely ladies!

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Why Writers Need Vacation feat. Kaila Walker

I teamed up with the amazing Kaila Walker for this weeks video to answer the question: why is vacation important for writers? Is there something behind traveling that opens up writer’s to a whole new world? Is vacation the magic cure to writer’s block? Well, maybe not, but there are benefits to taking the time to experience everything life has to offer.

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