Massive $600 Book Haul!!!

Do you remember when Brittany Wang and I did the Indie Book Store Crawl? Well, turns out I won the $800 worth of gift cards, so today is the day where I do my massive book haul! Check out the vlog from our book crawl: Brittany's YouTube channel:...

I Finished the First Draft of my 4th Novel!

Life is crazy right now, don't mind this casual video. I thought it'd be a great time to update you all about the progress of my newest novel, as well as talk about a few other things! Want to attend one of my events? Here's all the info you'll need:...

Why It Sucks Being an Author on YouTube

I've been thinking about this video for a while now and you have it! I'm talking about why it sometimes sucks to be an author on YouTube.

Tips For Authors Selling Books at Comic Cons

A few weeks ago I sold books at my first ever Comic Con event and today I'm talking to you about tips for selling more books! I've done a few larger events like this now and boy do I have tips for you! Watch my vlog from FanExpo Boston: Hear...

Revealing My Big Secret Project!!!

Ahh!!! I'm revealing my secret project today! I've been giving out hints on Instagram and Patreon for a while now and today is the day where I reveal everything! The Book Launch Planner is a planner designed for authors, by authors to help you self-publish your book!...


Self-Publishing Costs for She’s Not Here

When people consider self-publishing their novel, one of the first questions they ask is how much is it going to cost? After all, one of the reasons we publish our work is in hopes that we'll make money off of it, right? One thing I've learned about self-publishing...

Marketing For Authors

YA INK & Writing Tips


Have you ever gotten praise and thought you didn't deserve it? Or think that what you accomplish is just the same as everyone else? You might have this thing called imposter syndrome and it’s something that myself and many other writers struggle with. Today I want to...

How To Balance a Full-Time Job & Writing In order to be a writer, you need to learn the art of balance, because it can be very hard to make a living off your writing alone. In today’s video, I’m taking you step-by-step of how I create my weekly schedules so I can work full-time,...

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