What I Struggle With Most as a Writer

What do you struggle with most as a writer? That's what Alex and I are talking about today. We're both being open and honest about what holds us back and hopefully by opening the conversation, we'll learn to overcome as struggles and make them our strengths. Watch...


Have you ever gotten praise and thought you didn't deserve it? Or think that what you accomplish is just the same as everyone else? You might have this thing called imposter syndrome and it’s something that myself and many other writers struggle with. Today I want to...

Outlining My Novel – Fun & Games #STCexperiment It’s week 5 of the #STCexperiment and the focus this week was fun and games! My job is to make sure this book delivers the promise of the premise! And I’m realizing I’m not good at outlining! Ah! Unlock exclusive content on Patreon:...

Make Writing Friends – How to & Where to Find Them! This felt like a weird video to make, but this week I’m talking about how to make friends with other writers and authors (online or in person). Get in touch with the writing community and make friends with authors and writer alike! I’m...

Outlining My Novel – Break Into Two & B Story #STCexperiment It’s week 4 of the #STCexperiment and this week is the first week of Act Two! In this video, I’m covering two beats, including Break Into Two and B Story. I’ve been super busy with releasing the first book in the Marketing For Authors...


Marketing For Authors

YA INK & Writing Tips

Why You’re Not an Aspiring Writer Today's video is an important one. It's a little pep talk. I'm telling you why you're NOT an aspiring writer. Because if you write, there's nothing else to aspire to. So let's get to talking! Liked this blog post? Add it to...

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