BookCon: A Guide & Tips for Indie Author Exhibitors

Bethany and I went to BookCon as exhibitors! This has been a dream of mine for a long time, but now it's time to talk about whether or not it was worth it! In this video, I'm revealing how much we spent on our booth, supplies, and so much more! And I'm also talking...

BookCon 2019 Indie Author Exhibitor Vlog!

BookCon was amazing! Stay tuned for a video by me and Bethany talking about if we think spending money on a booth for BookCon is worth it! We'll also have a video full of tips for those who want to get a booth at BookCon! SIGNED BOOK SALE! Mandi's books:...

I Published a Book With Typos This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for awhile because well...I made a mistake.

Writing Vlog – I Finished Outlining My 4th Novel!

I finished outlining my fourth novel! I’ve been working for weeks to outline my novel using the Save the Cat Writes a Novel beat sheet. Brittany Wang and Bethany Atazadeh recently hosted the Save the Cat Experiment and I used that as an opportunity to start outlining...

6 Ways To Pitch Your Novel to New Readers w/ Book Brush

It’s time to talk book marketing! The key to learning how to promote your book is to know how to successfully pitch your book to new readers. Today I’m also teaming up with Book Brush which is a great tool to create graphics to promote your novel on social media,...


How the Cover of my Book Was Designed

We are two days until the release of She's Not Here! I've been dying to share this video with all of you! One of my favorite beghind-the-scenes things is seeing how a book cover was designed step-by-step, so that's exactly what I'm showing you for my own novel! I...

Marketing For Authors

How to Market Your Book || Reedsy

Today's video I'm teaming up with Reedsy to talk about book marketing. What is Reedsy? They're a company that help authors connect with other professionals in the industry. This includes editors, cover designers and marketers. While I feel I've got a pretty good grip...

YA INK & Writing Tips

Get Past Fear of Failure as a Writer Today’s video is another pep talk. Almost every writer deals with the fear of failure. You overthink and go to the worst-case scenario of what could go wrong. Everyone fails, including the big famous authors we love, and success starts...

Why You’re Not an Aspiring Writer Today's video is an important one. It's a little pep talk. I'm telling you why you're NOT an aspiring writer. Because if you write, there's nothing else to aspire to. So let's get to talking! Liked this blog post? Add it to...

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