YA Ink- Revising the Perfect Novel

Before you can write the perfect book that everyone will love (which, by the way, is not possible) you must revise the perfect novel. Let’s come to terms with the word perfect. If you can understand what that means for your book you will have a sane mind and won’t go crazy. There are many things you have to keep in mind while you edit. Things like inner monologue, deleting a lot of things that will make you cringe, and making sure you SHOW and don’t TELL.

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  1. Hi, good job finishing your book. I am revising and so I found your ya ink. the questions I have for you is one: what sub genre is your book? Literary, fantasy, or something else. It wasnt clear anywhere. Two: just out of curiosity, you said on one video that you tried for 2 years to get an agent. I was wondering how many agents you queried and whether or not you had an editor revise your manuscript first.

    As a final note, I found tour videos interesting and informative. I’d like to recommend that you visit hollylisle.com shes a traditional writer thats recently gone to selfpublishing and has tons of info on writing and publishing.

    Ps. Your covers very nice but on the video its hard to read the word essences on the cover.

    • My book is YA fantasy and I never had my manuscript edited professionally when I was sending out to agents but my problem was that I couldn’t get a perfect query letter. And for my book cover when I finally saw it in person I noticed the font was a little difficult to read and I changed it a bit 🙂 Also, I’m looking at the website you mentioned right now.

      • Ok. I thought it might be fantasy. The summary on the back makes is a little vague to be fully honest. Maybe consider writing another version or two and ask on one of your videos which one people like more.
        As for the cover, it is very nice, but if you only look at the cover you have no way of knowing it is fantasy. something small like some blurring or tricks of like and shadow which you can do in Photoshop might help.
        And I’m glad your looking at the site. It is what took me from wanting to write to wanting to write and get paid for it.
        Good luck! I’ll keep checking back for inspiration.

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