Read the First Chapters of Essence!

Please tell me whay you think! I look foward to everyone being able to read Essence when it comes out August 1, but until then you have the first few chapters as an excerpt!

Read the excerpt:
Watch the book trailer:

One thought on “Read the First Chapters of Essence!

  1. I really like the prologue. It draws the reader in and sets up I very interesting tone. I didn’t think it dragged on at all.

    Then when it starts with the protagonist I feel like some of the description is great, but that the beginning is vauge. It may be just my preference, but I usually like some feel for the overall confilct.

    Between the blurb and the first chapter I still don’t know what force is, why it affects her, why she would be afraid of it, or why it’s happening now. I like the style of writing, but for me the thing i’m most interested in is finding out what the effects of the prologue have on the protagonist

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