Simple & Easy eBook Formatting for Kindle/Amazon (EPUB & MOBI) +add interactive elements to your eBook using Kotobee // When you’re self-published, the most frustrating part of the publishing process can be formatting your ebook so you can upload it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In this video, I’ll be using a tutorial on how to format your book using Kotobee and exporting it as ePub or Mobi files to publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing. Also in this video, I’ll be showing you another benefit of using Kotobee to format your ebook, because it allows you to add interactive elements to your ebook like images, videos, links, anchors, quizzes and more!

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In This Video:

0:00 – Intro

1:35 – What is Kotobee Author?

4:10 – How to Format an eBook for Kindle Direct Publishing

16:15 – How to Format an Interactive eBook