Book Sales That Multiply

Genre: Non-Fiction For Authors

Book 3 in the Marketing for Authors Series.

The key to book marketing is not trying to sell your book to everyone, but selling it to your ideal reader.

The third book in Marketing for Authors is about more than just using paid advertising to sell your book. It’s also about learning where to find an audience for your book and making your story an impulse buy.

Learn how to write sales copy and create graphics that help sell your book, whether in paid ads or on social media. You’ll get helpful tips and techniques to successfully promote your book through advertisements on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads Giveaways, and even email advertisements. You’ll also learn about many free ways to promote your book, such as newsletter swaps and ebook promotion websites.

Book marketing doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars or require years of experience.

With an entire resources section at the end of the book, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to start promoting your book and ready to discover new readers. By the end of this book, you’ll know where to invest your time and money to multiply book sales.