Grow Your Author Platform

Genre: Non-Fiction For Authors

Book 2 in the Marketing For Authors Series.

“How do I get my book discovered?” It’s a question every writer asks, whether it’s their first book, tenth book, or if the book still needs to be published.

Every year the amount of books published grows exponentially and your story only gets lost in the shuffle. You know you should be marketing, so you start a website, maybe a newsletter or blog, but you’re really just talking into the void. How do you find a place for yourself on the world wide web?

From indie authors Mandi Lynn and Bethany Atazadeh, book two in the Marketing for Authors series is dedicated to teaching you the many things you can do to start or grow your author platform.

Your platform is your base for all your marketing, so build it well.
Each chapter of the book is dedicated to focusing on a different platforms you can use to increase exposure for yourself and your book. We’ll be talking about your website, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, YouTube and Pinterest. Learn from Mandi and Bethany’s personal experiences using content marketing methods to gain thousands of followers that translate into book sales.

This book is loaded with information to teach you to how to create content that shows up and that people want to share. Stop struggling to make a footprint online and instead make the web work with you.