Let the rubble fall

Genre: YA Coming of Age Romance

Marly moves across the country on a leap of faith, but will the familiar fear of losing someone she loves be her downfall?

For the first time since her parent’s death, Marly has a new sense of hope as she moves to Colorado to be with the boy she had met on her epic cross-country road trip. What’s supposed to be a fresh start, quickly goes awry after Dylan gets into an accident, leaving him stranded in the wilderness alone. As rescuers search for him, Marly is left panicked, wondering if he’s safe as she re-lives the day her parents died.

When Dylan is finally back to safety, it’s Marly who’s left battered and afraid. Dylan is eager to heal, while Marly is determined to stop him from risking an injury again. What Marly doesn’t know is that Dylan’s drive to summit mountains goes much deeper than wanting to cross something off his bucket list.

Will Marly’s fear of losing Dylan be the exact thing that pushes him away?

Let the Rubble Fall is the second book in the Road Trip Snapshot Series. If you like sweet romance, outdoors, and coming of age, then you’ll love this story that will be sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Join Marly’s journey by reading Let the Rubble Fall today.