Mandi Lynn published her first novel when she was seventeen. The author of Essence, I am Mercy and She’s Not Here, Mandi spends her days continuing to write and creating YouTube videos to help other writers achieve their dreams of seeing their books published. Mandi is the owner of Stone Ridge Books, a company that works to help authors bring their books to life through cover design and digital book marketing. She is also the creator of AuthorTube Academy, a course that teaches authors how to grow their presence on YouTube and find loyal readers. When she’s not creating, you can find Mandi exploring her backyard or getting lost in the woods.

Want to hear her full journey? Read Becoming an Author!

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  1. Hi Mandilynn, I liked your Youtube videos very much. You have insights that are helpful. Have you ever considered helping others to write their own books, perhaps in the role of editor? I have a book I wrote which I initially wrote as a web site but also wrote about 100 pages of it on word 2007 as well. Much of my planned book will display photographed images related to the subject of my nonfiction book. I could use the services of an insightful editor who also has experienced as an author, such as yourself. Would you possibly be interested in being my editor for a fee we can both agree on, so that you can make a salary from this book I wrote and help me by editing it for me and making suggestions? In this way, I will make sure the book contains your name for editor credit, in addition to paying you a fee you would be happy with. The subject matter of this nonfiction book is extremely interesting and thought provoking and is about an amazing discovery I made in 2013. Please let me know ASAP, via email, if you would like to know more about this. Thanks.

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