Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Emma’s parents think she is dead.

It started with a shift in atmosphere. The forest greeted Emma with starting force. At first she couldn’t move her limbs, and then her vision was rendered useless, paralyzed to the forces within the forest. The voices came in a dream at first, commanding her against her will deeper into the forest. After months of fighting for control, it took only one moment to lose her human life forever. Now she is nothing more than an Essence, watching as her life unfolds without her.

In this young adult fantasy about love, loss, and family, Emma must choose between letting go and moving on. Without her, the lives of Emma’s family will forever be changed, but what if she could keep part of her human life, even if she was only an Essence? 

What Reviewers Have to Say:

A must read for anyone who is looking for something new with a creative fantasy twist.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Essence, but what I found was a story that delves into the big questions about life, death, family and what it means to be human. “

“This book gave me new insight on what to appreciate like the simple feeling of crying or rain.”