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  1. Hi Mandi,

    It’s Amber from YOUTUBE I can’t wait to read your book! You have great ideas and I think you’re an inspiration for authors to stay focused and passionate about getting published 🙂

  2. Hi mandi, I’m a young author too, I come all the way from Britain and youv’e been a great inspiration for me to keep writing, your videos really help!?

  3. Hi! My name is Sean and I watch your videos online. I also really want to support you writing, so I was wondering if your books are adult or ya(I am a younger reader). Also, I was wondering if you could recommend a few good dystopian novels that I probably wouldn’t have heard of. Thx

    Ps keep up the good work

  4. Hi mandi I was wondering if it were still possible to get the 3 chapters if I am Mercy that you mentioned? Could you add me to the list if it is?

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