How to Design a Book Cover on a Budget || Self-Publishing

Every book needs a great cover to attract a reader and make a sale. In past videos I’ve talked about how I designed the covers for Essence and I am Mercy. Self-publishing on a budget? In today’s video I want to take you a little more behind-the-scenes to show you how you can create a book cover from concept to, to design in photoshop, to the final PDF that can be uploaded to Createspace. All without hiring a graphic designer! Watch how I created the cover for Essence and I am Mercy.

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Self-Publishing: Book Cover Photoshoot and Design

Ever wondered how a book cover is created and designed? Well here you have it! Granted we aren’t professionals and professionals would probably plan ahead so a photoshoot isn’t done in the snow, but hey, we managed.

Click here to see all the photos taken for the book cover: