5,000 Subscriber Free Book & #ChanceChallenge

It’s already the second week of September! How is that possible? My last semester of college has begun so things are a little crazy for me, so I wanted to let you know I’ll only be posting once a week until finish classes in December. On another note, by YouTube channel hit 5,000 subscribers! In celebration of having 5,000 amazing subscribers, I wanted to do more than giveaway a book to one person. I’m going to give a book to…well, anyone who wants one.

For five days, starting today, my second novel, I am Mercy will be available for free on Kindle.

Download I am Mercy for free.

If you end up downloading the book, let me know in the comments below! Also make sure that once you read I am Mercy to review it on Amazon or Goodreads!

Normally at the start of each month I’d do a monthly goal video, but because I have classes I want to focus all my efforts on graduating and finishing writing the first draft of my third novel. To finish writing my third novel I’m going to be joining fellow YouTuber, Kim Chance, in the #ChanceChallenege.

Why wait until November to have national novel writing month? Kim took the lead and is hosting any writers willing to join in from now until October 8th to bring everyone together to hit their word count goals. I’ve been working on my third novel all summer to finish writing it, and now I’ll be using #ChanceChallenge to finish the first draft! Finally!

How to Take Part:

Create an Account on myWriteClub. It’s easy to set up, and it’s free! Create your goal and start adding friends to help motivate you to achieve your goal! My username is mandilynnwrites.

Use #ChanceChallenge to follow everyone taking part.

Most of all, check out Kim’s blog post for full details and follow her on myWriteClub as well!

Time to get writing!



Self-Publishing- Making Money Off Your Books

The following charts are taken from sales and profit collected from the first year Essence was released.sales charts

Self-Publishing- Formatting an Ebook

I know the video goes fast, but pause the video at each step so you don’t get lost! This takes a lot of time and patience. I tried to make things as clear as possible for you guys, but if anything unclear let me know.

  1. Copy original manuscript.
  2. Paste into Notepad. You will lose all formatting but don’t panic, this is what we want!
  3. Open a new Work document and as it as a “Word 97-2003” Document.
  4. Copy your manuscript in Notepad and paste it into the blank Word document.
  5. Paste!
  6. Hit that fancy little ¶ so you can see all formatting.
  7. Create a “Style” for your body text. body textpara settings
  8. Add in new title page. Include: Title, Author, Edition (Smashwords or Kindle), Copyright, and you’re your website.
  9. Insert Page Break where they are needed.
  10. Add in Header. Do this by creating a new style. heading
  11. Add your Italics back in! This is a pain, and I’m sorry for that. Here’s what works for me. Go through a paperback copy of your book and highlight any place where there are italics. Then go back through the book and every time you spot an italic, find it in your ebook and fix it!
  12. Add in hyperlinks, this way after their done reading your book, they can go to your website!