How Do You Find Success as a Writer?

It’s been a trip and a half for me as I’ve worked on self-publishing, not one, but two novels. Since I graduate college soon, which blows my mind, I thought it would be a great time to review how things have gone thus far.

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Don’t Tell My Professors!

The semester is almost over! Twenty-one credits later and I’m almost done! I’ve dragged myself through two internships, four classes, a job (at one point two jobs though one of them was my internship) and one independent study. And I’m so happy it’s almost over! I feel bad for you all. I feel like all I ever talk about is school, but I promise more entertaining videos are on their way! But today I’m here to talk about speed reading. It’s a blessing and a curse. No, you can’t absorb all the material you hope to, but how else are you supposed to read everything for classes? Don’t tell anyone I said that…

Getting Stuff Done (on vacation)

Erin Condren Planners:

How to Set Yourself for Success!

Public Speaking with Confidence

Obviously I’m not a professional but I believe strongly in the idea that you should fake it till you make it. Don’t know what you’re doing? Then pretend like you’re a professional and just go with it. Most importantly just become comfortable with speaking in front of groups. Start off small and work from there.

YA Ink- Deadlines to Success

I’m about to go all life mentor on you…What is the key to success? Deadlines! I know, it sounds horrible. After all, most of us are on summer vacation right now. It’s the time of year to lounge around, do nothing, and enjoy every second of it. But is that how a successful person lives? Well, yeah, sometimes, but there’s always a time when you have to give yourself a serious deadline in order to reach your goals.

So are you going to do your best to reach your goals and give yourself a deadline?