Subscriber Giveaway! || Signed ARC of Essence by Mandi Lynn [OPEN]

The rules are simple:
• Must be a subscriber
• Leave a comment below!

Bonus karma points to those who spread word of my book and this giveaway!

Giveaway closes June 30th.

5 thoughts on “Subscriber Giveaway! || Signed ARC of Essence by Mandi Lynn [OPEN]

  1. Ever since I interviewed you for my blog, I have been excited about this book! Your determination is very inspiring and I wish you the best with your self-publishing.

  2. oh my goodness! I. Would. Love. A signed arc of Essence! I would die of happiness overload! I’m so glad to say that I’ve followed you on parts of your journey mainly through youtube. I was one of your first 30 subscribers and I thought you were absolutely brilliant. I wish you the best and I’ll always be a fan!

  3. Hi Mandi! I was so excited when I found your videos on YouTube! I watched all of them, and appreciate all the advice you’ve given. I willingly subscribed to you a while back, liked your page on Facebook, and also followed you on Twitter and Instagram. It’s been *such* a pleasure watching you go through the journey of formulating Essence, and then self-publishing it. I can’t wait for your novel to come out! It would be absolutely amazing and inspiring to a young writer like myself if you sent me a signed copy!
    Wishing you the absolute best and looking forward to reading Essence!

  4. I actually heard of Essence from a BookTuber! I believe you may know her. She’s PippityBob! I fell in LOVE with the cover and immediately looked up your YouTube channel. I subscribed of course then I saw your video where you read the synopsis and I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything like your novel. I’m looking very forward to reading it. So congrats on your new novel and I hope you get the recognition I’m sure you deserve!

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