Essence Comes Out Tomorrow!!!

My editors:

So before I started the process of self-publishing my book, I had money saved up to buy my first car. Sadly the car had to put off for a few months, but I was able to jump right into publishing my book. Please note that for a long time I was working every day right after school. Not all teenagers are able to make this kind of money and I don’t take it for granted. My parents didn’t pay for my publishing; however they did lend my money to buy the 100 copies of my book because at this point, like I said, I can barley pay for gas to go to work. It’s a big finial decision to self-publish the RIGHT way, but if you believe in yourself it will be worth it!

Wordpress- $99
Domain – $26.02
Umbrella Lights- $ 49.80
Dress- $35.95
Tailor- $20
Fabric- $8
Front Rights- $59
Structure Edits- $780.27
Copy Edits- $728.30
Trailer Music Rights- $49
ARC (10)- $46.90
Shipping Envelopes (10)- $8.97
Shipping- $62.69
International ARC (6)- $71.96
Expanded Distribution- $25
Guest Book- $18.99
Business Cards (500)- $10
Poster- $13.53
Essence (100)- $521
TOTAL: $2,634.38