YA Ink- Writing Narrative

There are three basic types of narrative in writing. First, second and third person. The question is whether you want to write from a personal point of view, write directing towards someone (a letter), or be the overseer who can delve into each and every character in your story.

So what’s your favorite narrative to use?

2 thoughts on “YA Ink- Writing Narrative

  1. In my first draft I was writing in third person but I ended up getting characters mixed up and so in this second draft I decided to write in first person, much easier 🙂

  2. Hi Mandi,

    I like your videos and wish you could make one on advising writers to be cautious of having others read their work prior to a major triple edit. My grammar is simply terrible, yet my creative writing skills and picture painting in one’s imagination is superb. I think for someone in my shoes it is definately imperative not to seek others comfort, approval or verification as to one’s writings. I am currently writing fice books and have three others I am outlining. When I hit a block on one, yet still feel that spark of inventiveness or creativity I jump to another. I would like to see a video by you explaining why sharing your unfinished book can be a hazard and “deal killer.” I think many out there (even those closest to us) are dreamstealers. They may be unaware of what they are doing or saying, they may be jealous, or frearful of your succeeding. They be someone you might never suspect of harming and squishing your dream. I sent an old lady a copy, she loved what my mother scorned and said, “I’m not an exlert, but

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