Reading Harry Potter for the First Time!

5 thoughts on “Reading Harry Potter for the First Time!

  1. Great video! I’m having a hard time getting through them, because they get larger and I’m only eleven, and I’m at book four. How did you find the motivation to get through all of them like a breeze?? It is so hard for me, and I’m beginning to hate really think books, although your books are technically the only books that I completely finished, even though it has so many pages :)) Keep the good word up! Thanks! – Lucas

  2. I’m turning 30 years old this August and I have never read a Harry Potter book… I’ve watched all the movies though xD

    I don’t think it has a pull for me to read it. I’m curious because of the writing style and because people say that you can’t die before reading the series *thinks* It’s that true? Can I became immortal just not reading Harry Potter?? *thinks a little more* Nah, too many people would be immortal already if that was the case.

    A round of chocolates for you, for sticking to it and finishing the series!

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