College is stressful, especially when you’re living in the dorms. It may not have worked out for me, but I’ve to tell the tale and I have words of advice!

  • Have fun decorating your room! Meet your roommate before the semester and form a game plan!
  • Join clubs, sports teams, and go to the events! Life is easier when you have friends!
  • Don’t go to lunch by yourself. Meet up with people from class and those wonderful people you just met at those events and clubs you attend 😉
  • Find a study spot. Because sometimes you actually have to get down to business.
  • Bring a bathrobe, trust me on this one.
  • Don’t stay in your room. Go out and meet people!
  • Have lazy days, and take your friends with you!
  • Say hi to your parents! They’ll send you a care package!
  • Take lots of pictures!
  • Have a fish! Or a guinea pig…or three… (check my piggies out on their own YouTube Channel!)


Oh, be sure to check out what my dorm room looked like!

Curious about what my single dorm room looked like?