6 reasons to finish your novel

This post is aimed towards myself. I’m sure all you wonderful writing fanatics out there are just busting out words every day. Me? No. I wish I was, I really do! But life gets complicated. Things get in the way, and your motivation gets shot. So here some reasons I need to finish my novel.

1. Because I Said So

I’m stubborn. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it! That’s how I got my first book published, why shouldn’t it work that way for my third book?

2.You Love This Story

It’s true. Novel #3 is my favorite story I’ve written so far. It’s dramatic (in a good way) and I like to think not cheesy. I’ve grown attached to the characters, I just need to live inside their world again to get into the writing mood.

3.If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I’ve been putting off this book because it’s hard and complex to write, which means it will be a great novel when it’s finished. I just have to do that: finish. And there’s a reason not every book every person has written is amazing. Because it’s hard to write an amazing book! I’m trying to do that. Am I succeeding? I have no idea!

4.Once You Start Something, You Finish It

I feel like this motto has gotten me through a lot of things in life. Don’t half-ass it. If you started, you better finish it.

5.You’ll Regret It

I know if I put a stop to writing this manuscript that I’ll always look back and wonder if other people would have liked the novel, or if it might have been the novel that finally launched my career as an author or got me that publishing deal. I’ll never know unless I keep pushing.

6.You’ll be Proud

No matter what happen with novel #3, even if the finished manuscript never sees the light of day, I’ll be proud that I wrote it and finished it.

6 Reasons to Finish WRiting Your Novel #amwriting

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