Keeper Book Tag! Keeper by Kim Chance

It’s time for a book tag! This tag was created by the amazing Kim Chance in celebration of her debut novel, Keeper, which releases January 30, 2018! Check out my YouTube video to see me answer the questions below! And be sure to check out Kim’s channel, because she’s a fellow AuthorTuber!

Find Keeper on Amazon.

The Keeper Book Tag Questions:
1. Keeper: a book you’ll “KEEP” reading over and over
2. Lainey & Maggie: Fav bookish friendship
3. Which Witch: Fav bookish witch/warlock
4. The Master: A book villain you love to hate
5. Kim Chance: A book you’re glad you took a “CHANCE” on
6. Gareth & Serena: Favorite non-bood/non-related family
7. Ty: favorite mysterious male character
8. Holy Crapkittens: A book you had a strong reaction to
9. Magic Always Leaves a Mark- A book that had a big impact on you.

I tag, Natalia Leigh, Shaelin Bishop, Brooke Passmore

Any thoughts? Leave them below!

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