Today’s blog post is a part of Dianna Gunn’s Writers Debunking Writing Myths collab. A few of us AuthorTubers banded together to talk about some of the myths that have popped up over the years when it comes to writing, so after you watch my video, be sure to check out the whole playlist on YouTube!

Today’s myth: Writing is easy. Simple Enough, right? I’m sad to say, writing is not easy. Writing is a craft, which means it’s not only a very subjective field, but it’s a field where you never stop learning. No matter how good you are as a writer, there will always be room for improvement. With that said, today I’m spending my time talking you, explaining why writing is not and should not be easy.

If It’s Hard, You Must Not Be Good at It

Writing is hard, which might mean I’m not good at it, right? Wrong. If writing was easy, there would be a lot more people writing books. Just because it’s difficult for me to write, doesn’t mean I’m bad at it. All it means is that I’m human, I get stuck. I’m not always going to be on the top of my game and because I know what good writing looks like; it means that sometimes I may have a hard time writing because I know what I put on paper won’t be good writing. It will be writing that will need revisions, but that’s what editing is for.

But Writing Is Easy!

If you think writing is easy, then maybe you’re not challenging yourself. I have yet to talk to an author that has told me that writing is easy. There are some days writing comes easy and you don’t have to try, and there are other days you won’t be able to get any words down on paper. But if writing is always easy, then it means you’re probably not giving much thought to what you’re writing. Or you think writing is easy because you’re done writing your book or story and you’re so happy to be done with it that you’ve already forgotten how hard it was!

Do What You Love:

You know the saying “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life?” If that’s the case, then why do authors continue to write? If it’s so hard, then why do we put ourselves through that misery? Because, for whatever reason, no matter how hard or emotionally draining it may be, we still love it. As authors, we thrive when we take the thoughts that are in our mind and get them on paper. It’s what we live for, and if we aren’t getting our thoughts to paper, sometimes we start to go a little crazy. As frustrating as writing is, it also relaxes us.

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