Why I’m Self-Publishing My Third Novel & Big News!

Today I have some really exciting news about my third novel, She’s Not Here, but before I get into that, there are a few other things I wanted to talk about. Mainly, why I’m choosing to self-publish my third novel. Watch the video for all the details!

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Self-Publishing My Third Novel & Big News!

  1. Congrats on the new business! Our imprint is still registered as a general partnership for simplicity’s sake, so I’d be interested to hear your experiences in running an LLC.

  2. Mandi Lynn, I am so proud of you! Three books and a publishing company! Wow. You are an awesome woman and I see bright things for you in your future. Do you think you will be publishing other authors’ books through your publishing company or are you reserving it for just your own?

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