Book reviews are so important when it comes to making sales for your novels. A stranger isn’t going to buy your book if it doesn’t have a lot of reviews, and this is especially true for self-published authors. We have to work a bit harder to present ourselves and our books to make the sale. But how do you get a lot of reviews for your book? Well, you have to ask! Watch the video to find out more!

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The way indie authors are able to gain trust with new readers is by having book reviews. If someone goes to check out a book and it only has 15 reviews, they might not buy it but if someone goes to check out a book and it has over 100 reviews, they’ll be like, okay, I’ll check it out even though they’re a self published author, they’ve got a lot of reviews.

Ask People to Review

So what is the magic trick to getting book reviews? The short answer is that you have to ask. I know, it sounds crazy but if you see someone posting on social media, they post a picture of your book saying how much they’re enjoying it, all you have to do is respond and say, “Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. When you finish, do you mind writing a review on Amazon in good reads?” And nine times out of ten, they’re like, “Sure, why not?” And you can also tell them it doesn’t have to be this long book review, it could be just a quick sentence saying why you enjoyed the book.

Leave a Note at the End of Your Book

Another trick is that at the end of my books, I say “Did you enjoy reading my novel? Be sure to support the author and write a review on good reads in Amazon.” It’s just a quick reminder that when someone gets to the end of the book that if they liked it, they should go ahead and write a review. Sometimes people forget to write a review because if you’re not an author yourself, you don’t realize how much book reviews help authors.

Business Cards at Book Signings

At book signings, I also have a business card that when I sign someone’s book, I slip this business card in and on the business card it says, “Support the author, write a review on Goodreads and Amazon,” and again, all I’m doing is asking for book reviews. I’m not paying people to review my books, I’m just simply asking. I know these people are reading the book so I’m just saying, hey when you’re done, write a review, it would be great.

Book Bloggers

You can also reach out to bloggers directly. So say you are getting your book reviewed on Amazon in good reads but you want book bloggers to review your book. Unfortunately, they’re probably not going to just naturally review your book, they’re going to want a free copy of your book, and in exchange for a free copy, they will give a completely honest review on their blog.

Now it can be a little tricky to find book bloggers sometimes but once you get into the group of book bloggers, you’ll find that once you find one, you tend to find all of them. And be sure that when you’re finding book bloggers, you’re finding your ideal reader. If you have a thriller novel, don’t give your novel to a romance book reviewer because even if they do decide to review the book, they’re not gonna enjoy it, they’re gonna review it and be like this book was not good, don’t read it so you want to make sure that the person you pick to review your book will love the book. That way they will write a good review and promote you as an author. When it comes to book bloggers, be picky.

You also need to do some research beforehand so you don’t bother book bloggers that aren’t relevant to you. If someone’s obviously a romance blogger and you email them saying, review my thriller novel. They’re not going to like that, they’re going to get slightly insulted and then you’ve just burned a bridge.

It’s also important to connect with a book reviewer before you ask them to review your book. This just means commenting on their blog, following them on social media, making it show that you’ve put effort into your relationship with this person. That way, when you sit down and ask, “Hey can you review my book?” you’re not just some random person whose popped out of nowhere; you’re someone whose been following this blogger and you’re someone whose been a loyal follower. If a book blogger sees that you’re someone whose been loyally following and kinda commenting on stuff, they’ll be a little bit more eager to review your stuff.

So lastly, there’s just no magic formula to getting reviews for your book, you just simply have to ask and sometimes put yourself out there.

If you have any other tips on giving book reviews, be sure to leave the tips down below in the comments.

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