Editing Your Book on a Budget – Self-Publishing

Joining me for this video is Bethany Atazedah and Evie Driver as we talk about everything you should know about editing your book when you want to self-publish. This was filmed during the Wander Writer’s Retreat, which is why we’re in a hotel room, but we’re ready to deliver as much info to you as possible.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this video:

  • when to give your manuscript to an editor.
  • where to find a book editor
  • budget friendly options for getting your book edited
  • dependable resources for beta readers
  • how much you should expect to pay to get your book edited

A great resource to find book editors:

  • Reedsy
  • Goodreads forums
  • Facebook groups
  • College professors
  • College students (Creative Writing Majors)

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