Happy holidays! In honor of the season, it’s my turn to do the #Indiecember Writing Tag created by Megan Tennant at Cloud Kitten Publishing!

Participate in Indiecember: https://www.megantennant.com/indiecember

Watch Megan’s original tag video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx1ewfYd-Xw&t=212s


1) Nightmare Before Christmas: what’s a writing or book release mistake that still haunts you?

2) Rudolph: Do you have any furry writing companions? Bonus points for showing them on film.

3) Milk and Cookies: What’s your favorite writer snack. Bonus if it’s milk and cookies.

4) Elves: Do you have any writing helpers you’d like to shoutout? Emotional support maybe, or a critique partner. Anyone who helps you from the shadows.

5) Sleigh Bells: What music do you listen to when writing?

6) Christmas lights: What character would be most likely to use Christmas lights inappropriately. Such as to tie someone up, shock someone, to rig up an explosive, you name it.

7) Feast: What’s your favorite food-related scene?

8) Santa Baby: Which of your characters could romance presents of out Santa?

9) Ho Ho Ho: What’s a line or scene that makes you or your readers laugh?

10) Santa’s Bag: If you could tell Santa one item that should be given to every writer everywhere, what would it be?

11) Eggnog: What’s your favorite writerly drink and most importantly, do you ever spike it with alcohol?

12) Holiday parties: do you have a logline prepared for when someone asks you about your book or do you run and hide? Or do you have a masterful plan of a diversion the rest of us could use?

13) Santa’s List: How many characters are in the main cast of your most recent WIP or publication?

14) Santa’s Coming to Town: Is your protagonist naughty or nice? If you have multiple books or protagonists you can do this for multiple.

15) Wrapping: What character would spend WAY too much time wrapping presents because they want it to look perfect?

16) Cutting Down Christmas Trees: Do you edit your manuscript in digital format, or printed out?

17) The Grinch who stole Christmas: Which of your characters is most likely to steal cookies and or gifts from Santa?

18) Blizzard: What’s your favorite weather to write in?

19) Santa’s Beard: Who is your oldest character and around how old are they?

20) Gingerbread House: Who is your handiest or craftiest character?

21) Snow Angel: Which of your characters is most likely to make a snow angel and which is most likely to be wishing they were on a beach instead?

22) Silent Night: What character refuses to talk to you as a writer? Basically, a character who is hard for you to connect with and write for?

23) Traditions: What holidays or traditions exist in your stories world? If you have too many to list, what’s your favorite?

24) Santa’s Workshop: Show us your writing space or a picture of your writing space. Bonus points if it’s a disaster zone.

25) Naughty to Nice: Which character was on the naughty list but Santa liked them and took them off?