Plan Your Year – Publishing Goals, Author Income Goals, Create a Schedule & Organize For 2021 // It’s time to plan for 2021! In this video I’m walking you through everything I do to set goals for myself and plan for an entire year! This includes creating book release plans, setting goals, tracking my income and expenses, creating a schedule that is my ideal productive week, tracking social media stats, and what I do every month to stay on track with everything. This video is long, but it is packed full of information! Take a closer peak into my 2021 planning system and how I set goals for myself!

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0:00 – Intro

2:24 – 2021 Release Plans

6:01 – 2021 Goals

11:30 – Income Tracker

14:55 – Expense Tracker

15:41 – Goals VS Reality

19:58 – Create Your Ideal Week

21:20 – Social Media Tracker

21:48 – What I Do Every Week