Taxes for Self-Published Authors – Filing Taxes for Writers & Tax Deductions // Today we’re talking about how to file taxes as an indie author, and someone how may be self-employed and own a business. As an author, you don’t get income taxes taken out of your paycheck, so you have to keep track of everything yourself when you file your taxes every year (or quarterly). DISCLAIMER: I am not a tax expert. Everything in this video is what I’ve learned and understand to be true. Please do your own research and consult a CPA when filing your taxes.

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0:00? – Intro

2:00? – Tracking Expenses & Income

4:21? – Keeping Receipts

5:16? – Know Your Income Streams

8:42? – What Forms Your Need

11:44? – Business Bank Account

12:40? – Deductions

14:34? – How Much Is Income Tax?

15:37? – Auditing