KDP HARDCOVER BOOK REVIEW! Is Kindle Direct Publishing Better Than IngramSpark? // I cannot tell you all how excited I was when Kindle Direct Publishing released their hardcover option for indie authors! This is a huge game changer for self-published author who may not want to avoid working with IngramSpark. But is KDP any better than IngramSpark? In this video we’re going to find out! I’ll be covering everything, from the options you have for your hardcover book, to uploading and creating your hardcover wrap file! We’ll be comparing the quality of the hardcover, as well as the price and turnaround time!

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KDP’s hardcover template generator:


0:00 –  Intro

2:29 – Kindle Direct Publishing Hardcover Options

7:04 – KDP Tutorial & Uploading Process

8:57 – Hardcover Wrap Template & Design

14:29 – Uploading Hardcover Files to KDP

15:59 – KDP Hardcover Quality Review

19:34 – KDP vs. IngramSpark (Hardcover Review)

25:31 – What Does This Mean for Self-Published Authors?