Best Social Media Platform for Authors in 2021 – Selling Books on Social Media // Today the fourth book in the Marketing for Authors series by myself and Bethany Atazadeh releases! You can now purchase Secrets to Selling Books on Social Media:

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In celebration of the book’s release, I’m doing a video based on the first chapter of the book, Secrets #1: Choosing Your Platform(s) and Finding Your Ideal Reader. In this video I’m talking about the goal of learning how to sell books using social media, where to find your readers on social media, the benefits of certain social media platforms, how to choose a social media platform, and the best social media platform for authors.

Want to learn more about Secrets to Selling Books on Social Media? Bethany is reading a sample of the book on her YouTube channel! Watch the video here: 


0:00 – Intro

2:27 – What are your social media platform options?

2:47 – Instagram

4:02 – Twitter

5:10 – Facebook

6:05 – YouTube

8:25 – Pinterest

10:10 – Goodreads

12:01 – TikTok

13:39 – What is the best social media platform for authors?