Release Month Book Sales & Self-Published Author Income Report (Amazon Book Sales & Royalties) \\ Let’s talk book sales. How many books do you sell the first month of release? I’m going to be breaking down my sales numbers, royalty rates, and more for this video. See exactly how many books I sold through Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP), IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, and on my website! See how much money I made as a self-published author the first month of release for my book, Meet Me at the Summit!


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 4:08 – Draft2Digital royalties
  • 6:43 – IngramSpark royalties
  • 11:03 – Kindle Direct Publishing royalties
  • 16:33 – My website royalties
  • 14:07 – Total royalties
  • 16:40 – Hot often do I get paid?
  • 17:30 – Would I change where my books are available based on sales?
  • 18:03 – What do you do when your sales start to dip?
  • 19:34 – How do you reach new readers to maintain sales?