Should You Print Your Hardcover Book With Barnes & Noble Press? Step-by-Step Self-Publishing Process // It’s time for the third book in my Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing a Book Series! In this video, I’m talking about Barnes and Noble Press and how you can use it as a print on demand service to self-publish your book! I’ll be covering six things you need to know before you print your book with Barnes and Noble Press, as well as bringing you through a step by step tutorial of the uploading process of printing your book through Barnes and Noble Press. Be sure to stay tuned and subscribe so you can also see when I unbox the books and do a quality review on the books.

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0:00 – Intro

1:16 – Things to Know Before Publishing with Barnes and Noble Press

5:50 – Uploading your book to Barnes and Noble Press

9:22 – Tips for Formatting Your Book Interior (printing with bleed)

13:05 – Formatting Your Cover Files for Print

15:36 – Book Details

17:13 – Pricing & Royalty Rates

18:40 – Copyright, ISBN

20:04 – Approving Book