How to Self-Publish Your Book with a Book Publishing Timeline // If you’re self-publishing your book, there’s a lot to plan and organize. Keeping track of it all can be overwhelming, which is why I want to talk about creating a book publishing timeline when you’re self-publishing your book! In this video, I’m going to be talking about different methods you can use to create a book publishing timeline, what steps you need to take when you’re self-publishing your book, and how long some of those steps may take you during the self-publishing process. I’ll also go in-depth with my favorite method (the gantt chart method) and show you two different digital book publishing timelines I’ve created to self-publish my books. Learn how to calculate your book publishing timeline with me as you follow along in this video!

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0:00 – Intro

1:32 – Important Self-Publishing Resources

2:28 – Paper Book Publishing Timelines

3:22 – Digital Book Publishing Timelines

3:44 – Google Doc Gantt Chart Timeline

5:36 – Monday Gannt Chart Timeline

6:57 – Setting Up Publishing Timeline

11:57 – Using the Gantt Chart in Monday App