Keeper Book Tag! Keeper by Kim Chance

It’s time for a book tag! This tag was created by the amazing Kim Chance in celebration of her debut novel, Keeper, which releases January 30, 2018! Check out my YouTube video to see me answer the questions below! And be sure to check out Kim’s channel, because she’s a fellow AuthorTuber!

Find Keeper on Amazon.

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Creatures of the Night [Book Tag]

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In honor of Halloween figured I’d give a go at a book tag! And yes I’m aware I pronounce Magnus wrong…that’s just how I always thought it was supposed to be pronounced…

Top Ten Influential Book Tag

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7 Minute Writing Challenge!

I’m so used to being able to edit my videos and make myself sounds smart, but today you get to hear me unfiltered! Which pretty much means I made a fool of myself and had a hard time speaking…because I trip over my own words haha!

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I tag YOU! Make your own video response and do the tag!

7 minute writing challenge