What to Plan When Self-Publishing [Collab with Natalia Leigh]

Today I’m super excited because I’m teaming up with fellow author and YouTuber, Natalia Leigh, to talk to you guys about the different things you should plan for when publishing a book. In my video, I’ll be talking about using advanced reader copies, finding readers, finding your author platform, creating a book trailer, launching your book and marketing your book. Be sure to also check out Natalia’s video because she’ll be talking about formatting your novel, cover design, finding an editor and beta readers!

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Writing Historical Fiction || YA Ink

Bookshelf Tour || 2016

I totally skipped over my shelf that had my graphic novels, but on the bright side you can see them in the intro!

Hardcover VS. Paperback Books

2016 Resolutions

How to Make a Book Christmas Tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7X_lIgJ44I

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Books I Read in 2015

See my favorite books of 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFnSxx73Tuw

Self-Publishing: Title & Copyright Page

Learn about Copyright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzuNqoJRbuM

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Imagine living every day, knowing your family doesn’t love you. Imagine living a life in a world that looks at you as a curse. In 14th century France Aida is accused of being a witch when the Black Death wipes through her village. Abandoned by her family she is surrounded by death and disease, but when a woman who may actually be a witch tells her how to cure the plague it may mean uncovering a dark magic. But if that means being able to save those you love, wouldn’t you do it? Even if they didn’t love you back?

I am Mercy Cover

I am Mercy Publication: I’M BROKE!

Soon I will be a very happy money-less girl who is working on publishing her second novel. I’m dreading and super excited to start the self-publishing my second novel. Cross your fingers that good things happen!

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How to Make a Book Trailer

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