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In the past month or so I’ve been doing a lot of different videos on things you can do to help promote your book when it first launches. I’ve talked about how to host a book signing and how to arrange a blog tour for your novel. Those are two different options for a book launch and today I wanted to talk about a third option: virtual book launch.

What is a Virtual Book Launch?          

A virtual book launch is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Basically, it’s a Facebook event that you set up the day your book is scheduled to release. You start by hosting the first hour of the event and then every hour after that, another author takes over the event to host. I did a virtual book launch for I am Mercy and it did a great job in boosting sales! You can still view that Facebook event here. This will all make more sense as I dive into more details.

Why Should You Have a Virtual Book Launch?

The virtual book launch is a great way for everyone involved to boost sales. As the official host of the book launch, it’s all about you. Everyone involved in the launch is there for you and the Facebook event banner has your book cover on it. It’s great for the other authors who are helping to host the event because they get to talk about and promote their books as well. And readers love it because everyone is giving away prizes!

What Would I Do During My Hour?

So you’ve got a whole hour to yourself. What should you talk about?

  • Your book
  • Quizzes & games that involve your book
  • Behind the scenes of why you wrote your book
  • Giveaways!

Whenever you post anything, try to have a photo with your post; this will increase engagement. In the end, it’s all about getting people to interact and start talking about your book and everyone else’s books. If you want to create a custom graphic for a game or giveaway, use

Giveaways is a must! If you don’t giveaway free ebooks, people don’t care about the event. They’re there for the free stuff! To host your giveaway, make it so people have to like, comment or share the post to enter.

Need some inspiration for what to post during your hour? Feel free to scroll through I am Mercy’s release party.

An example of a graphic you would create to promote the event and tell people when each author is hosting.

A little game I created to go with Essence. Everyone is encouraged to comment on the photo what color their soul would be based on their personality.

How Many Authors Should Host?

Try to get as many authors involved as you can. Make it clear what they’ll need to do during their hour and what time they’re scheduled for (be clear on time-zones when you’re scheduling!). Each author should be prepared with a few games and a giveaway or two, such as an ebook.

And that’s how you host a virtual book launch! If you have any further questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Host a Virtual Book Launch – Marketing for Authors

  1. Is the actual Live Video from some of the authors and/or you still live to view from your book launch? I’m working on getting my authors together, and still not sure of all the specifics. Does each person just do a Facebook Live video during their hour?

    • I’ve never done Facebook Lives for mine, but you can! Normally authors just make multiple posts during their hour 🙂

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