So you’ve written a book…Or you’re about to write a book. Whether you’re thinking of self-publishing or going the traditional route, one thing is for sure: you need loyal readers.Welcome to AuthorTube Academy, an online course that teaches you how to create a loyal following of readers around yourself and your books. Along with the course you’ll receive downloadable PDF’s and exclusive access to the AuthorTube Academy Facebook group where I continue to teach you everything about YouTube, social media marketing and building your career as an author.

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What will you be learning in AuthorTube Academy?

1- Your Channel (available as free trial)

  • Choosing your channel name
  • Creating a custom URL
  • Uploading Schedule
  • Author Branding
  • Channel art template

2- Finding Topics

  • How do authors get noticed
  • Finding the topics people are looking for

3- Video Scripts

  • The perfect script format

4- Filming

  • Filming equipment
  • Camera etiquette
  • Filming location

5- Editing

  • Editing softwares
  • Behind-the-scenes of how I edit my videos
  • Video thumbnails
  • Best practices

6- SEO

  • Crash-course on search engine optimization for YouTube

7- Sharing & Engagement

  • How to share you video on social media
  • Best practices
  • Tips to engage with the community
  • PDF checklist of where to share

8- Collaborating

  • How to start a collaboration with another AuthorTuber
  • Ideas for collabs
  • Author Etiquette

Also a part of AuthorTube Academy:

  • Downloadable PDF’s including templates, checklists and recourses and recommendations.
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of video that takes you step-by-step through my process of creating YouTube videos .
  • Lifetime access to the AuthorTube Academy Facebook group to continue to learn, collaborate and ask questions.

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