Today I’m teaming up with the wonderful Jenna Moreci for an original tag we’ve created all the 1 Minute Book Bragging Challenge! The challenge is to quiz another writer on their story. The quizzes writer must brag as much about their book as they can in 1 minute. Whoever answers the most questions win!

This tag was inspired by Alex, ThePatchworkNerd, who created the 1 Minute Writing Advice Challenge.

Jenna and I teamed up because, well, it was fun, but we also wanted to celebrate a few things…

She’s Not Here is officially up for pre-order in ebook!

And…Jenna Moreci’s second novel, The Savior’s Champion, has signed copies for sale! 

Watch Part 2 of this Challenge on Jenna’s Channel!

PS- Totally forgot to tag people! I tag… Bethany Atazadeh, Brittany Wag, Natalia Leigh and Brooke Passmore.