I’ve been meaning to do this tag for the longest time! The writing community is such a positive force and always pushes me to do better, so I’m so happy that Brittany Wang and Peggy Spencer created this tag!

Watch Brittany and Peggy do this tag.


1. What drove you to find a writing community?

2. How did you first start getting involved?

3. What has been your favorite online platforms for writing community?

4. What are some best practices for connecting and interacting with other writers online?

5. Are there any other platforms or ways to connect that you want to try next?

6. Have you made any writing friends in person? If so, how?

7. How has the community helped you in your writing journey so far?

8. On what other platforms can people connect with you? (Share your handles/accounts)

9. Shoutout some friends and positive forces in the writing community that you think we should connect with!

10. Promote writing community by tagging friends to do this Tag next!

I tag: Jenna Moreci, Evie Drive and Holly Davis.