Starting my sticker subscription came with a lot of issues and in this video, I go through all of it!

Subscribe to my sticker subscription:

About the sticker subscription, Stick Together Monthly:

Every month you will be sent a new supply of stickers! Stickers include:

-Calendar Sheet -Decor Sheet

-20% off additional stickers you add to your subscription order if you use the code STICKTOGETHER at checkout.

How Does It Work?

Every 30 days you will be emailed to confirm whether or not you want your stickers for the month. If you do, simply click the “Renew Your Subscription” button. If you’d like, you can choose to add additional stickers to your order for that month and receive 20% off. The coupon code, STICKTOGETHER, will only work when you renew your subscription every month. You will never be auto-billed. If you want to skip the month, don’t pay the invoice. To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions in your monthly invoice.