Editing Vlog – My Beta Reader Editing Process (Working with and finding my beta readers) // I’m showing you how I worked with my beta readers. I’m going into detail on how I found my beta readers, worked with them to gain feedback, and implement that feedback! I’m also diving deep into how I worked to edit and create a process to keep me productive without sacrificing quality.

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0:00 – Intro

1:42 – Why I’m editing my book so fast

4:45 – How I prepared to edit my book

6:30 – How I picked out beta readers

7:23 – How my beta readers gave feedback

11:43 – Editing vlog

17:10 – My editing process and how I decide what feedback to implement

24:01 – How the re-writes are going

27:44 – Dealing with feedback overwhelm

33:14 – Finishing book edits!