My New Favorite YA Book Subscription Box!!!

Book of the Month is now doing a YA box! Are you as excited as I am? This might be one of the most popular book subscription boxes out there and for a good reason! They always select the best books! Enjoy this unboxing! Subscribe to Book of the Month, YA:...

How Much to Spend Self-Publishing Your First Book

If you're self-publishing your first book, you're probably wondering how much you should spend on the process. Where do you invest your money? In this video, I'm telling you how much I'd recommend spending on self-publishing your first book, or any book for that...

My Fiance Gives Writing Advice! (Writers Significant Other)

Some of you guys already know Phill. He's popped in on a few live streams and write-ins, but today he's here to do the Writer's Significant Other Tag created by Bethany Atazadeh! Watch Bethany's original tag video:

How I Write 10,000 Words in One Day!

It’s time for another #10kWritingChallenge! I made this challenge up last month and it’s officially become “a thing.” The goal is to write 10,000 words in one day, and if you do, I’ll mail you a pin that you can wear with pride! If you’d like to sign up for the...

Camp NaNoWriMo Survival Kit & Guide

  Are you ready for Camp NaNoWriMo? Today I've brought you my Camp NaNoWriMo survival kit and guide so you can get through camp NaNo and write more words! So, let's set up camp and get to writing! Watch the video for my NaNoWriMo tips!


Marketing For Authors

YA INK & Writing Tips

Why You’re Not an Aspiring Writer Today's video is an important one. It's a little pep talk. I'm telling you why you're NOT an aspiring writer. Because if you write, there's nothing else to aspire to. So let's get to talking! Liked this blog post? Add it to...

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