How to Wake Up at 5AM to be More Productive

Who likes to sleep in? If you’re like me you would rather stay in bed until the last possible moment rather than get up and get through your to-do list. I’m not a morning person, but I needed a shift my my schedule so I could actually make time to take care of my stuff while still getting through my to-do list, so today’s video I’m giving you my secret to waking up at 5am.

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Outlining My Novel – Creating the Hero #STCexperiment

I’ve officially begun outlining my fourth novel! Not only that, but I’m vlogging the whole time I’m doing it! Brittany Wang and Bethany Atazadeh came up with the #STCexperiment where they’ll be testing out the Save the Cat by Jessica Brody method to outlining a novel! Every week they’re hosting a livestream on their channels to outline their novel. I figured there was no better time than the present to hop on the band-wagon and I got started on outlining my own novel! This is week one of the #STCexperiment, so I focused on creating my hero (also known as my main character).

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COVER REVEAL: Marketing for Authors- How Your Book Sells Itself

In case you didn’t already know, I’m co-writing the Marketing for Authors series with fellow indie author Bethany Atazadeh. We’ve both been working so hard on all the books in this series and it’s so exciting because we’re now able to start revealing things to you! For today, the reveal is the cover for the first book in the series: How Your Book Sells Itself. If you want to see the cover, you’re going to have to watch the video!

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How To Balance a Full-Time Job & Writing

In order to be a writer, you need to learn the art of balance, because it can be very hard to make a living off your writing alone. In today’s video, I’m taking you step-by-step of how I create my weekly schedules so I can work full-time, write, do my author businesses (cover design, book marketing consultations and YouTube) and fit in some me-time so I don’t feel burnt out. Balancing your passion for writing can be hard, but it is possible, so let’s get to chatting!

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Get Past Fear of Failure as a Writer

Today’s video is another pep talk. Almost every writer deals with the fear of failure. You overthink and go to the worst-case scenario of what could go wrong. Everyone fails, including the big famous authors we love, and success starts with failure! So let’s get to the writing motivation and start chatting!

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8 Ways to Get Your Book Discovered – Book Marketing

So you wrote a book, but how do you get people to read it? First and foremost, people need to discover your book. And how does your book get discovered? In today’s video I’m giving you 8 tips to get your book discovered with some simple book marketing tips! Let’s get to promoting that book!

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Why You’re Not an Aspiring Writer

Today’s video is an important one. It’s a little pep talk. I’m telling you why you’re NOT an aspiring writer. Because if you write, there’s nothing else to aspire to. So let’s get to talking!

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I am Mercy Cover Reveal & 2019 YouTube Goals!

I feel like I’ve been waiting to share this cover with you all forever! Today is the day! The new cover of I am Mercy is here and I’m so incredibly happy to be sharing it with you all!

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Create Your Author Newsletter to Find New Readers

Today I’m talking about email newsletters and why they’re so beneficial to get direct access to your readers. I also made the announcement that I’m now doing one-on-one consultations: Create & Grow Your Author Newsletter. Book your consukltation with me today!

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