My Author Origin || Tag

I was tagged by Jessi Elliot to do the Author Origins tag created by Evie Driver. Watch the original tag.

Watch the original tag by Evie Driver:

Tag questions: ttps://

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Story Ideas Writing Tag & BookCon Gifts

It’s been awhile since I did a casual blog, so I figured, why not? I had a few gifts to package from BookCon and needed to do the Writing Ideas Tag that was created by the wonderful Brooke Passmore and Bethany Atazadeh. And I tag…well, everyone! See the tag questions below so you can participate!

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7 Minute Writing Challenge!

I’m so used to being able to edit my videos and make myself sounds smart, but today you get to hear me unfiltered! Which pretty much means I made a fool of myself and had a hard time speaking…because I trip over my own words haha!

See the original video!

I tag YOU! Make your own video response and do the tag!

7 minute writing challenge