What am I Writing for NaNoWriMo? – NaNoWriMo WIP Tag

I’m taking part in National Novel Writing Month! Though it does come with a catch. I’m not writing 50,000 words and I’m also not writing a novel. Find out the details of my work in progress as I do the NaNoWriMo WIP tag created by Bethany Atazadeh.

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Hocus Pocus Writing Tag

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate Halloween than doing the writing tag created by Kim Chance and Destiny Murtaugh. Be sure to watch their original videos!

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Writing Community Tag

I’ve been meaning to do this tag for the longest time! The writing community is such a positive force and always pushes me to do better, so I’m so happy that Brittany Wang and Peggy Spencer created this tag!

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My Author Origin || Tag

I was tagged by Jessi Elliot to do the Author Origins tag created by Evie Driver. Watch the original tag.

Watch the original tag by Evie Driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8frZUkbGQU8

Tag questions: ttps://wp.me/p7WZkt-6SO

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Story Ideas Writing Tag & BookCon Gifts

It’s been awhile since I did a casual blog, so I figured, why not? I had a few gifts to package from BookCon and needed to do the Writing Ideas Tag that was created by the wonderful Brooke Passmore and Bethany Atazadeh. And I tag…well, everyone! See the tag questions below so you can participate!

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7 Minute Writing Challenge!

I’m so used to being able to edit my videos and make myself sounds smart, but today you get to hear me unfiltered! Which pretty much means I made a fool of myself and had a hard time speaking…because I trip over my own words haha!

See the original video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1IKKfF0EAs

I tag YOU! Make your own video response and do the tag!

7 minute writing challenge